Locally Sourced Lumber, Crafted With Purpose

From trash piles to tree care companies, these craftsman go the extra mile to ensure every piece of material is salvaged. Jesse, Johann, and Derrick thrive in their Louisville, Kentucky headquarters. They do not cut trees down solely for our use nor do they advocate for clear cutting methods. The Slab team is on a mission to re-purpose, reinvent, reuse, recycle, and revive - a mission that should be celebrated and supported, as it positively shapes the future of the woodworking industry.

You'll find Slab Home + Design decor and furnishings online at slabhomedesign.com and at their store front in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Visit their website to shop their unique selection, inquire about a custom project, and find out more about their story.

PIctured above is Jesse Hart // Co-Owner of Slab Home + Design
We create a variety of pieces from beautiful wood. From the cutting boards and bowls to the custom tables, every piece is hand crafted here in Louisville.
Pictured above are driftwood candle holders found at slabhomedesign.com

They rise to the occasion to meet strict deadlines, support causes like the humane society, and push boundaries that are viewed as the "norm".

Committed to supporting local business.

Jesse, Johann, and Derrick have built amazing custom pieces that can be found in different businesses across Kentuckiana. You'll find this trio hanging out at The Root Workspace, where they network, brainstorm, and stay caffeinated. Some of their custom tables are even featured here, and they have plans to custom build many more pieces of furniture for the space. As much as these bros enjoy building tables, their selection also includes carts, picture frames, coasters, and custom cutting boards. They even have an entire collection built from re-purposed WWII materials salvaged from a local auction.

Their dedication to extend the life of every piece of material they come across is truly inspiring. Slab stands behind their mission, and is making a truly sustainable and positive impact. We are proud to have them as one of our clients, and hope you find joy in their services and products too!

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