Whether you're reducing your carbon footprint or repelling mosquitoes, just re-everything! Re-fuse plastic, re-purpose that old window, donate to re-use stores.. let's do our part to re-vamp our planet.

Fellow humans, it’s no secret our planet needs our help.

We have to be the ones that make change happen. The number of stories revealing the harm that our trash is causing is troubling. What we’re doing as a whole simply isn’t working.

But you’re just one person - what can you do?

It’s more than worth it to constructively encourage those around us to altr their habits for the better; even if it takes 19 times before they take action. Each one of also needs to hold ourselves accountable for our choices and do what's right.

Lead the way. Show your friends and family your awesome finds from the thrift store. Show how easy it is to bring your own glass, refuse straws, and recycle.

Talk about positive intentions and choosing better habits with your circle. Live and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Repair your clothes. Re-purpose what you can. Re-think how you shop. Respect the planet!

Image by @altrdesignco
We can make change happen! One re-word at a time.