A Merging of Passions


t 23, a unyielding urge to make a change in my life had me on my toes, questioning my next steps. I knew from a young age that I was destined to work in the design industry, but doing freelance graphic and web design wasn't the right creative outlet for me. Dreams of cleaning up our environment, spreading awareness, and the bigger picture wouldn't go away. But neither would the endless desire to design.

Determined to carry out those visions, but reluctant to let go of my passion for design, I decided to intertwine them. This decision ultimately drives us in every decision we make, and provides the perfect base for our core values. From the clients we work with, to the way we design, hire, and live our lives, ALTR is here to make a positive change through intentional design.

We're Built On Sustainable Core Values

Be Positive
Empower Others
Respect The Planet
Overcome Obstacles
genuine intention
Work hard.
Be nice.
Do Good.
malori anderson
CEO of ALTR Design Company
creative agency

We Create Digital Products for Conscious Companies

ALTR Design Company is here to help properly convey the message of a particular brand to their customers. We believe it's crucial for a brand to have definite core values, which is why this is step one in our process. Not only can these values be used to establish a brand's style guidelines, but also for hiring like-minded people, decision making, producing effective content, and even customer satisfaction. If your company is consciously trying to make a positive impact - environmentally or socially - we want to work with you. Let's do some good.

More About Our Process

Meet the Team

Malori anderson
President, Lead designer
nathan presley
Head of marketing

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